Finance your system with the Harman Equipment Finance!

Finance your system with the Harman Equipment Finance!

HEF Is A Valuable Tool For Your Business

Flexible programs

With more than 30 years of experience structuring custom financing solutions for the entertainment industry, Quail Capital was a natural fit to be our finance administrator. Quail Capital has earned a reputation for going the extra mile. They have tremendous diversified resources, creativity, and a stellar reputation for integrity. All that allows us to provide you with the best, most streamlined, and robust financing options anywhere.

Simple and efficient approval

In most cases, all we need is a completed lease application and a day to process. For very large transactions, we could need a financial package and we will work with you to make it easy.

Exclusive rates and terms for HEF customers

Our flexible finance programs and unbeatable rates make it easy for you to get the equipment you really want. We can structure the term to match your seasonality if desired and can write leases from 12 to 84 months. Keep your cash in your pocket while keeping up with increasing demand and generating more revenue. We understand the need for flexibility and work to meet your needs. You can feel confident that we will work towards your best interest. To learn more about how you can use HEF to your company’s advantage: Just Ask HEF

Financing is a smart way to upgrade the capabilities of your business

Choosing to finance your equipment is advantageous in many ways. Financing allows you to match your income generation from the equipment to your payments. A true lease can keep debt off of your financial statements or with an equipment finance agreement benefit from accelerated depreciation including Section 179. Financing through HEF can improve cash flow, conserve capital, preserve bank lines for unanticipated opportunities and needs, and so much more.