Who We Are

The Sound Marketing Philosophy

  • We partner with our manufacturers and dealers to create a mutually successful business relationship.
  • We meet and exceed all sales expectations
  • We provide the tools and training necessary for our dealers to meet their customers’ needs.
  • We are a resource of valuable market information and feedback for our manufacturers.
  • We are a resource of valuable product application information and business strategies for our dealers.
  • We explore and find every viable market avenue for our products.
  • We constantly find new and creative ways to merchandise, market, and package the products we represent.

Sound Marketing is an AVL manufacturers rep firm founded in 1980.

Our philosophy is the foundation on which every decision is made, and every action is taken. It is the heart and soul of our business and the reason for our success. We think differently. A rep firm today must keep pushing the limits and raising the bar by taking different approaches to selling in order to keep succeeding in the marketplace. Our industry is ever-changing. It is one of Sound Marketing’s greatest assets to be able to change, adapt and succeed.

We believe that in order to be a successful rep firm, we must devote 100% of our time into being the best sales and marketing organization that we can be. To be the best company, we focus on the things that we do best – sales, customer service, and marketing. Sound Marketing takes the same devoted approach when we choose our manufacturer partners.

Customers need the entire solution not just a piece of the puzzle. We represent lines that are complementary, and which create system solutions for our customers. To a growing extent, systems are interdisciplinary, incorporating data, video, audio and lighting. We strive to be a source of system design and efficiency for our customers. The real go-to people with real, practical solutions and service.

Training and Education

Education is paramount for our success in our industry. Sound Marketing adds value not by just educating our dealers on products, but also on sales, engineering and business principles. We realize the need for off-site, one on one product training not only for our dealers, but also for ourselves. In 1991, we created the Sound Marketing Training Center, where we have held hundreds of events to date. The training center provides an ideal place for manufacturers and dealers to get together, away from the store or office, and learn new products and new methods first hand.

Complete with video projection, PA, and seating for 35+ people, the Sound Marketing training center plays a very important part in helping our dealers to become better, more effective, and more knowledgeable salespeople. This large investment illustrates our long-term commitment to making this a better industry, and a more successful place for our dealers, manufacturers, and ourselves.

Technology Expo Events

In today’s economy, most companies are selective about sending their staffs to trade shows. For that reason, Sound Marketing has instituted a program of regional Technology Expositions, designed to showcase emerging technologies, and provide an opportunity for all of our customers to be educated in new ways and new products, in an informal and local setting. Trainers from our various manufacturers conduct small-group seminars, designed to increase efficiency and profitability for our customers, and to build lasting factory relationships.

Sound Marketing Reps